About Apricity


What Is Apricity?

Apricity is a collective of community change makers who are passionate about Edmonton. We bring our drive, connections and talents to local not-for-profit groups to help amplify their causes. The Latin translation of "Apricity" is "the warmth of the sun in winter" — We aspire to bring even a little warmth to our city.


How we aid the community

Apricity raises awareness and funds for not-for-profit organizations through the design of creative and experiential fundraising. We aim to support the work of local charities with the strength and support of the city’s corporate, philanthropic and entrepreneurial strength.



our vision

Apricity seeks to redefine philanthropy through artistic strength, civic pride and corporate and entrepreneurial spirit to collaboratively shine light where it’s needed most in our community. We rely on the insights of our city to hold events and spearhead initiatives that engage, inspire and ignite positive, sustainable growth.


who we are

Apricity was born from a group of like-minded community change makers who share a common goal: to refresh the spirit of philanthropy. It became apparent there was a growing need to amplify the causes of deserving charities in our community, and so Apricity was born.