International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we’re so happy to join the global movement to recognize all of the amazing women out there.

This International Women’s Day is a particularly special one for us because we’re connected to so many amazing women at our partner organization, Boyle Street Community Services, specifically the H.E.R. Pregnancy Program.

Today, as we celebrate women around the world, we want to give a special shoutout to the women who run the H.E.R. Pregnancy Program, as well as those women who participate in the program, all of whom are street-involved moms who face incredible challenges each day.

Support the H.E.R. Pregnancy Program

Donate to the endowment fund we set up through the Edmonton Community Foundation in the name of Boyle Street and the H.E.R. Pregnancy Program.

When you donate to the endowment fund, your one-time gift grows through investment to provide ongoing support to the H.E.R. Pregnancy Program.

About the H.E.R. Pregnancy Program

The H.E.R Pregnancy Program strives to reach pregnant street-involved women, supporting them throughout their pregnancies and up to six months postpartum to help them become as safe and healthy as possible.