By the numbers: the cost of a newborn baby

Cute. Cuddly. Loving. A newborn baby truly is a little bundle of joy.

But, as any parent will tell you, your little bundle of joy also comes with a big bundle of expenses.

How much?

Keeping up with the costs of a newborn baby can be hard to manage, even for parents of average means. That challenge increases tenfold for expectant moms with Boyle Street Community ServicesH.E.R. Pregnancy Program, who only have Edmonton’s city streets to call home.

That’s where you can help.

Donate to the H.E.R. Pregnancy Program

At Apricity, we believe that every woman and child should have access to basic human needs. So, we partnered with the Edmonton Community Foundation to create the H.E.R. Fund, an endowment fund that provides direct funding and support to clients with the H.E.R. Pregnancy Program.

What is an endowment fund?

Donations to an endowment fund are permanently invested for long-term growth. So, when you donate to the H.E.R. Fund, it’s not just a one-time gift — your initial donation will grow through investment to provide ongoing support to the program forever.

Where does your money go?

Each dollar of your donation to the H.E.R. Fund will directly provide services to women accessing the H.E.R. program. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Health supplies for clients and their babies;
  • Baby essentials (e.g. formula, diapers, etc.);
  • Hygiene supplies;
  • Vital equipment;
  • Transportation supports to get expectant moms to and from prenatal appointments;
  • Educational materials; and
  • An emergency fund for clients in times of dire need.

Boyle Street works very hard to triage all service requests, and you can rest easy with the certainty that your funds will be used in the best possible way to drive positive outcomes.