Wrap Up: Operation Friendship Seniors Society

In 2018, Apricity had the pleasure of partnering with Operation Friendship Seniors Society (OFSS), a non-profit that provides community-based preventative social services to low-income inner city seniors.

Throughout our partnership with Operation Friendship, we chose to focus on raising coffee donations for the drop-in centre. As many of us know, a cup of coffee is a comforting ceremony to the start of a day. It is what many seniors at the Operation Friendship drop-in centre look forward to each morning—there is nothing better than seeing the smiles of these heartwarming seniors with a hot cup of brew.

This video showcases how big of a difference a simple cup of joe makes in the lives of these seniors; some of whom have constant variables in their lives and are not sure what their day will be like. A cup of coffee is that one constant that they can continually rely on thanks to Operation Friendship.


To highlight the importance of the coffee required at Operation Friendship, Apricity created the Cups of Care campaign. For an entire week in October (starting on National Seniors Day), five participating local coffee shops raised awareness about Operation Friendship, and encouraged customers to donate a cup of coffee to a senior in need. Not only were we able to fundraise for ground coffee, this campaign gained huge social media traction.

In addition to raising coffee donations, raising awareness for Operation Friendship was one of our top priorities, as not many people in Edmonton are aware of the organization and their clients. To do this, we launched  a social media campaign called Faces of OFSS, which featured professional photographs of 15 seniors who are clients of OFSS. This campaign was to showcase some of the vulnerable seniors who utilize Operation Friendship as a safe gathering place where they can socialize, develop friendships, and even volunteer.

One of the joys of volunteering at Operation Friendship is the opportunity to meet the seniors face-to-face. We loved meeting and learning about each of their own unique stories. Volunteers play a big role at Operation Friendship, and we were able to highlight the different organizations who volunteer at the drop-in centre throughout the year. We are happy to share that volunteer numbers saw a considerable increase over the year, and there was a significant jump compared to 2017!


To donate, volunteer or enjoy a warm cup of coffee with a senior, visit Operation Friendship Senior’s Society at ofss.org.

Special thanks these partners who made these initiatives possible: